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rain alarm project applications

Rain Alarm is an application that you can use to help plan your day so that it isn't ruined by the weather. Rain Alarm tells you when rain is approaching your area, so you have advanced warning. Rain senor should be kept in the open place at 30 to 40 degrees from the ground. As a result, rain water will not be present on the sensor for long time. This circuit will automatically switch of the alarm after sometime and LED will glow continuously until the rain stops. Rain Alarm Project Circuit Applications:Author: Irfan. The circuit will generate melodious tone whenever the rain starts. RAIN WATER SENSOR A rain sensor is a rain switch device activated by a rain kazicu.gq is two main applications for rain sensor. the first is water conservation device connected to an automatic irrigation system that cause the system to shutdown in the event of rain fall.

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H ere is a simple rain alarm circuit that produces an audible alarm when ever rain falls. The two transistors are wired as a switch which goes on when the base of Q1 is shorted to the positive of the supply by the rainwater falling on the sensor. When the transistors are ON power supply is available to the IC1 which is wired as an astable multivibrator.

The output of IC1 drives the speaker to produce an alarm. Do you need to learn more on the basics of electronics? Are you a student who is not so familiar with the practical side of electronics? If so, CircuitsToday has reviewed and listed 4 books on the basics and practical knowledge in electronics, written by world famous authors like Forrest M Mims, Charles Platt and so on.

These books are followed by some major universities all around the world. Note:- We have recently developed a fully functional Water Level Controller using Microcontroller.

You may try the circuit! Do you have any information such as manufacturer, part number, etc. Many thansks in advance, Fernando. Sufice it to say that the sensor is connected in series resistor divider from 5v to gnd, and the change in resistance input into a voltage comparator TSC for processing. I am looking for the sensor itself. Can you help? Hi Chinmay NE with 9 volt supply can give minimum mA frive. Please rain alarm project applications the assembly for mistakes, rain alarm project applications.

To isolate link Q2 collector and emitter. You should get good audible tone from tweeter. If ok check Q1 and Q2 connections, rain alarm project applications. Hi sir, pls may u help send me more details of how this circuit can be locally produced for home use. I liked your circuit v. I shall be very obliged if you send me a detailed information about this circuit. I have just started to study the timer IC, rain alarm project applications.

I need a detailed description of this circuit so, I can more clear my concept about My Email is omer. Sir, can we modify this circuit to an automatic clothesline, by replacing the tweeter by a motor? Hi Mustafa IC1 is wired as an astable oscillator running at around 1kHz.

Please provided me full information about this project and its component list. HI plz send me some more information about this topic and how it works plz rply me as soon as possible, rain alarm project applications.

I am Ronit of class 12th. It gives me satisfactory knowledge. Hi Satish and Samson the article is very clear about the operation and the notes gives you other details.

If you still have doubts, please ask specific questions it will be answered. Pls this circuit will be of great help,if you can send the details to sbgaikwad38 yahoo.

My box and description and the components thanks. Pls this circuit will be of great help,if you can send the details to emma44tou yahoo. Hi Rajesh use glass epoxy straight line bread board PCB. Hi Neo keep the sensor in an angle so that the water droplets flows out, which will ensure the alarm to get reset soon. R2 Variable pot used as rheostat. C3 is electrolytic capacitor can be 12V Working voltage or more.

I have a question, please tell me the each resistors watts value and which type of capacitors are used and also tell me C3 capacitor volt value. Thanks reply me soon. Hi Rain alarm project applications till the sensor becomes dry the alarm will not stop.

Hi Anil once the water drop bridges the sensor it gives the bias to the emtter follower pair that in turn gives supply to oscillator, which produces the sound.

Oi, estou com um pouco de dificuldade em encontrar os capacitores de 0,01uf, teria como substituir por um outro? You must be logged in to post a comment. Rain alarm circuit admin January 21, 65 Comments. Circuit diagram with Parts list. Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board. Remember the wires have to be non-insulated. Sensor ready. POT R2 can be used to adjust the sensitivity. To test the circuit, make all connections and power up.

Place a drop of water on the sensor so that two wires become shorted through water. Now the alarm rain alarm project applications sounding. If not adjust R2 to get the alarm sounding. It will damage the IC. A piezo buzzer can be also used instead of rain alarm project applications speaker. Sensor schematic. Tags: circuit designcircuit diagramhobby circuitshobby projectsHome Circuits. Categories: Home Circuits. Previous post Next post. Log in to Reply.

Mir Moshtak Ahmad. Fernando Teixeira. Hey its an interesting project. What does that have to do with info on the rain sensor? Omer Mirza. Sreejith S, rain alarm project applications.

Aas muhammad. Regards Aas mohd. Maximum 8 ohms 2 watts tweeter will do. Thanks for reply one question is more that is: please tell me speaker watts value.? This circuit requires calibration before use and it can be done adjusting the POT R2. Hello I want the warning on the car radio. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


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rain alarm project applications


The simple idea of Rain Alarm is to warn you against approaching precipitation like rain or snow. Therefore the app checks in a customizable radius every couple of minutes, if . Rain Alarm is an application that you can use to help plan your day so that it isn't ruined by the weather. Rain Alarm tells you when rain is approaching your area, so you have advanced warning. Aug 09,  · Rain Alarm Project Circuit Applications: In the irrigation, it will detect the rain and immediately alert the farmer. In automobiles, when the rain detector detects the rain it will immediately active the wipers and inform the driver.