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IOS Puzzle Games Review | Home» logic grid» Review: Sherlock, The Game of Logic for iPhone and iPad Review: Sherlock, The Game of Logic for iPhone and iPad. Posted by Unknown Posted on Everett Kaser has been developing logic puzzles for PC and Mac for something like 20 years. There's a large number of games available on his web site. Monument Valley ($4) is the quintessential iOS puzzle game. It’s inventive, it’s compact, it looks spectacular, and it’s perfect for touch. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Block Puzzle Woody Origin. If you like fitting puzzle pieces together then this is your game."PUZZLE FUN by A oSmile for fun "Brings me back so many years when first I played Tetris a fun game then a fun game now. Thanks" Requires iOS or later /5(51K).

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This is my best iOS puzzle games part 2 round-up. Which includes a variety of top-rated iOS games. Involving puzzle-solving and brain-teasers. And all new on iTunes for iPad and iPhone. From April to June And check out my previous posts, included below.

For my top iOS hidden object games from He was a collector of unusual artifacts who went missing 10 years ago. Your journey will take you from deserts and oasis to old crumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization.

From: Mousecity and Pine Studio. Current US iTunes rating: 4. Requires: iOS 9. See also my Faraway: Puzzle Escape Review. Description: Discover a lost civilization.

Explore the Hidden Ruins. And find lost treasure! Professor Burns is on the brink of the archaeological breakthrough of a lifetime. Discovering the mysterious Kumari civilization. Which is rumored to have the key to eternal life. His plans are foiled when … an unscrupulous rival archaeologist. Who forces her way onto the scene… [Source: iTunes], ios puzzle game reviews. From: Haiku Games. Requires: iOS 7. Description: Onirim is a solitaire card game.

You must work against the game to gather the eight oneiric doors before the deck runs out. You can obtain door cards either by playing cards of the same color three ios puzzle game reviews in a row or by discarding one of your powerful key cards when a door appears from the deck. Requires: iOS 8. Description: A minimalist mashup of Minesweeper and Sudoku. Logic puzzle perfection. Every row, column and zone contains a bomb and one of each number. Tap the numbers, avoid the bombs.

From: Edward Biden. Genres: Sudoku, Action, Arcade, Puzzle. Entrenched in a beautifully sun-kissed and handcrafted world, embark on a heartfelt journey interwoven with lighthearted, pressure-free puzzle solving.

From: Broken Rules. Requires: iOS Solve mechanical puzzles, discover hidden objects, escape from rooms and dive into the authentic atmosphere of ios puzzle game reviews Renaissance.

From: Blue Brain Games. Genres: Puzzle, Brain-Teaser. Description: Duncan Price is paranoid they used to say. They used to say a lot of things about him. Last night was pretty crazy, but not THAT crazy. How did he end up here? From: Glitch Games. Current US iTunes rating: 5 out of 5 from 8 reviews. Description: Years ago, a mysterious ship smuggled precious cargo into an exotic land… This is a noir puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to change the outcome of the story.

From: Loveshack. See also my Framed Noir-Puzzle Games. Description: Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture.

Discovering illusionary pathways. And delightful puzzles. As you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry. From: ustwo Studio Ltd. Genres: Geometric, Puzzle, Surreal, Relaxing. Current US iTunes rating: 3. See also my Monument Valley Ios puzzle game reviews from ustwo. From: Kenny Sun, ios puzzle game reviews. Genres: Puzzle, Geometric, Brain-Teaser, ios puzzle game reviews. For my other top 10 iOS games lists from Including hidden object, puzzle and adventure games.


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ios puzzle game reviews


IOS Puzzle Games Review | Diberdayakan oleh Blogger. Popular Games. Recent Games Grid List. Review: Pair Solitaire for iPhone and iPad. Posted by Unknown Posted on Pair Solitaire by Vitaliy Zlotskiy played a nasty trick on me. I got my best score on the very first game, and haven't been able to replicate it since. From abstract games and physics puzzles to murder mysteries and more, check out these 20 challenging puzzle games that you can enjoy anywhere. Slide 1 of Deus Ex Go (Android, iOS: $) Deus Ex Go (Android, iOS) is the latest in Square Enix’s Go series of puzzle game tie-ins to its triple A game releases. Jul 07,  · Genres: Mystery, 3D, Puzzle, Adventure, Escape Game. iOS release: May 12, Current US iTunes rating: out of 5 from reviews. Available on iTunes Appstore for: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Requires: iOS or later. See also my Faraway: Puzzle Escape Review. 2. Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Best iOS Puzzle Games part 2 2. Hidden Ruins.